Find Your Marigold - Be a Marigold

In a 2013 post Jennifer Gonzalez (Cult of Pedagogy) shared tips for new teachers on finding their Marigold. The original post, linked below, references the benefits of using Marigolds in your garden to protect new plantings from weeds and pests. She encourages new teachers to find the teachers on staff that provide that type of protection and encourage you to grow big and strong!

She also references Walnut trees and how you should avoid planting near one. They inhibit growth and can actually make plants wilt or die near one due to the toxic substance that it gives off. She references them as poison and provides some examples of toxic staff members to avoid as well.

This analogy has always resonated with me. I plant Marigolds in my own garden and love the little bits of sunshine that Marigolds bring to a green space. They not only serve a valuable purpose, but they bring joy.

In these difficult times as we all return to a new school year, either face-to-face or virtual, we could all use a little protection from pests and weeds. It can be so overwhelming to listen to the news or concerns over health and safety. We also have our own fears and anxiety about the new year while still being hopeful and excited to do what we love once again - TEACH.

So, while Jennifer's post promotes new teachers finding a marigold, I would say we all need to find one and be one. Plant your garden carefully. Choose the positive people that support you through the good, bad, and the ugly. Surround yourself with those that protect you and encourage you to grow. And above all, select the Marigolds that bring you joy! Everyone needs a little sunshine in the garden! Find your sunshine and be the sunshine for others! And for goodness sake, you know who the Walnut trees in your building are. Stay away from them at all costs. It is time to take care of YOU!

There is a lot we cannot control during this unprecedented time, but one thing we can control is our attitude, our team, and our support for one another.

We've got this!

Find Your Marigold by Jennifer Gonzalez, Cult of Pedagogy: Click HERE

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Here is a great way to recognize the Marigolds in your life from Schoolhouse Special. You can link HERE for six pages of FREE appreciation notes on TPT.

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