Continuum of Services




Four Core Areas


​Designing curriculum that reflects a deep understanding of standards, includes authentic learning experiences and aligned formative assessments to impact student performance.

  • Curriculum Design

  • Assessment Literacy​

  • Effective Instructional Strategies

  • Collaborative Planning

  • Instructional Framework 


Creating organizations where the core work is teaching and learning and focused implementation of limited goals increases student and adult learning.

  • School Improvement

  • Strategic Planning

  • Leadership Development

  • Implementation and Monitoring

  • Program Evaluation


Engaging students and teacher teams in the learning process to meet the needs of diverse, 21st century learners, and deliver engaging instruction.

  • Student Goal Setting

  • Formative Process

  • Literacy Across the Content Areas

  • Data-Driven Collaboration

  • Instructional Coaching

  • Graduate Profile


Providing for the social and emotional needs of students to acquire the skills necessary to foster relationships, make responsible decisions, and have empathy for others in order to navigate the world more effectively.

  • District Strategy and School Strategy

  • Integration of SEL 

  • Lesson Design

Innovate 2 Educate is an approved Local Board Governance Provider as designated by the GADOE.   

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