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Continuum of Services




Four Core Areas


Dr. Lissa Pijanowski, Innovate 2 Educate, is an approved Local Board Governance Provider as designated by the GADOE.   

​Innovate 2 Educate partners with districts and schools to create engaging and innovative learning environments, for both students and adults.  We believe that if we focus on providing meaningful learning experiences and coaching for adults, we can create sustainable results for students.  

We value and support:

  • Shoulder-to-shoulder partnerships to act upon a collective commitment 

  • Collaborative learning teams as the vehicle for change

  • Learning organizations willing to take risks and embrace accountability

  • Learner-centered cultures that provide equity and access for all students

  • Research-based tools and resources that enhance the learning experience

  • Coaching for ongoing professional growth and development

  • Implementation that is strategic, focused, and monitored to create results  

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