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Architects of Deeper Learning Toolbox

Author Statement:  When writing Architects of Deeper Learning, it was important to me to create a tools and templates that help with instructional design.  In addition to the many resources in the book, I wanted to make an online toolbox available FREE to teachers and leaders who are looking to start their own learning renovation! 
I hope these tools are useful to you and your team!  Lissa
Introduction, Click HERE
Foreword, Click HERE
Table of Contents, Click HERE
Study Guide, Click HERE
Chapter 1:  Blueprint for Deeper Learning

Chapter 2: Foundation for Learning 

Chapter 3:  Framing the Problem

Chapter 4:  Construction of Knowledge

Chapter 5: Inspection of Results


Chapter 6: Start a Learning Renovation 


Learning Architects UNITE!

Become a Learning Architect and Modernize Instructional Practice

What does it take to transform into a master educator in today’s age? How does one become a true architect of deeper learning, designing a blueprint for building successful student futures?

Educator, advocate, and author Lissa Pijanowski’s groundbreaking Architects of Deeper Learning shows educators how to design, implement, and assess meaningful classroom work, thereby enabling students to solve complex problems, communicate effectively, collaborate with others, and generate powerful ideas.

Incorporating insights gleaned from extensive study and years of classroom experience, Pijanowski presents an innovative philosophy of teaching and leadership. Based on eight design principles to facilitate deeper learning, the Blueprint for Deeper Learning offers a clear framework for designing student learning experiences that are rigorous, relevant, and engaging. This blueprint is an anchor for all content areas across K–12 and is compatible with any set of standards.

Architects of Deeper Learning equips educators with the tools they need to modernize instructional practice. Featuring a step-by-step overview of the lesson-building process—from setting learning goals to assessing student work—Pijanowski reveals how to craft lessons that best prepare students to be future-ready. Ready to redesign your instruction and turn good into great? Begin your journey to become an architect of deeper learning today.

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