Designing learning experiences that matter to students is key to engagement and academic success. This podcast explores all aspects of teaching, learning, and leading as a Learning Architect. We must unite in building a future for all students using innovative, out-of-the-box ideas powered by passion and a drive to serve the whole child! 

Episode 2: 

The First 20 Days of 2020


In this episode Lissa will explore what the first 20 days of school should look like in order to accelerate learning forward.


Learn to Unlearn to Relearn.  Willie Nganga Macharia, Medium, September 29, 2019, Click HERE 

* First Days of School:  How to be an Effective Teacher.  (1997)  Wong, H. and Wong, R.  Click HERE

* Several Big US School Districts Are Extending Remote Classes Into the Fall.  CNN Updated 7.15.20, Click HERE


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Episode 1: 


A 2020 Restart


In this episode Lissa provides an introduction to this new podcast and discusses considerations for reopening schools this Fall.


* Reopening Schools:  What It Might Look Like by Jennifer Gonzalez

* Cherokee County Schools Reopening Guidelines

* Students Provide Feedback on Four Areas During this Pandemic by Peter DeWitt


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